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Make a Claim

At CMIB Insurance Services, we believe that making a claim should be quick, easy and hassle-free. Our claims process is proven to offer this and more. Designed with your needs in mind, we work hard to ensure you receive a prompt response regardless of the nature of your claim.

You can also expect us to always act fairly and in your best interests, and to help you to understand the details of your policy and your rights as they relate to your claim.

Our three-step claims process

STEP 1: Contact us to advise of your need to claim – we are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week to offer advice and support.

STEP 2: We will ask you to download, complete and submit our claim form. We will then arrange for a loss assessor to be appointed, if applicable, and submit your completed claim form to the insurer.

STEP 3: We will negotiate any settlement of the claim with your insurer, keeping you informed of our progress during every stage of the process, ensuring you promptly receive your full entitlement.

Getting the details right

It’s important that you report the incident or loss to CMIB as soon as possible after the event has taken place. When you contact us, as a minimum you will need to provide:

  • a description of the incident
  • the date and time when the incident occurred
  • the location
  • an estimate of the loss.

For more information about our claims process, contact us and ask to speak to a member of our specialist claims team.