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After a Storm or Flood

13 October 2016 | walter
Each year storms, hail and heavy rain cause tens of millions of dollars’ worth of property damage and injuries to people; not to mention the emotional anxiety experienced from witnessing your livelihood and belongings in ruin.

Business has head in the sand on Cyber Risk

28 September 2016 | walter
Australian SMEs are leaving themselves unnecessarily exposed to the risk of “fatal business disruption”, according to a survey from accounting and advisory group Bentleys. The biannual Voice of Australia Business Survey shows only 17% of SMEs have a formal written business continuity plan, while 34% have a risk management process. The larger the business, the more likely it is to have either measure in place. “A main blind spot we constantly come across with many of our clients is insurance,” Bentleys SA Director Assurance and Advisory David Papa said.

New drone regulations effective 29th September, 2016

28 September 2016 | walter
From Thursday, Australians will no longer need operators’ certificates and remote pilot licences to commercially fly drones weighing less than 2kg. Instead, they will need to register online with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) five days before their first flight. Under new regulations coming into effect on Thursday, operators will save about $1500 in licence fees and up to $5000 in pilot training fees, and be spared up to a six-month wait for a licence.

Have I been hacked ?

22 September 2016 | walter
Have I been hacked? Even the most effective anti-malware programs don’t protect against all the different threats to our systems. It’s hardly surprising. According to AVTest, an independent IT security organisation that tracks these things, over 390,000 new malicious programs are introduced every day.  Though you follow all the best security advice, such as keeping software up-to-date, using firewalls, limiting internet usage, and applying strict password rules, the risk of infection remains.  What might alert you to the possibility of an intrusion?

Limits on Credit and Debit Card Surcharges

22 September 2016 | walter
Credit and debit card surcharges will soon be subject to limits under new laws that aim to prevent merchants charging excessive fees when accepting card payments. 

Professions face "new industrial revolution"

7 September 2016 | walter
Risks and roles will change as professionals experience upheaval equivalent to the Industrial Revolution, QBE Insurance Australia Head of Professional Lines Jill Stewart says. The health, accounting, legal, education and property sectors are among those affected by technological change, while new roles and ways of working are also emerging, she told the Australian Professional Indemnity Group conference in Sydney last week.

Insurers Must Prepare for climate risk: Hewson

7 September 2016 | walter
The insurance sector must be better prepared for a climate-induced financial crisis hitting the global economy, economist and former politician John Hewson says. “I would suggest to you that one of the biggest challenges for the insurance industry is climate risk and managing that climate risk properly,” he told the Australian Professional Indemnity Group conference in Sydney last week. “I think the industry as a whole is pretty much unprepared for the consequences of what could happen very quickly.”

Australia faces ‘unprecedented’ cyber threat

11 August 2016 | walter
The Australian Government has announced the launch of a new cyber intelligence unit in a bid to curb financial fraud and terrorism.   The new cyber intelligence unit has been launched by Australia’s primary financial intelligence agency, AUSTRAC, and will be dedicated to identifying online terrorism financing activity, money laundering and financial fraud.   Minister for Justice, Michal Keenan, said that the global and national threat for cyber crime continues to rise.

CMIB is a supporter of the Daniher Drive

4 August 2016 | walter
CMIB Insurance Services is a financial supporter of the Cure for MND Foundation and the DANIHER DRIVE in particular. The DANIHER DRIVE is a four-day road-trip extravaganza organised for the purpose of raising much needed awareness and funds to find a cure for Motor Neurone Disease (MND). As the name suggests, ‘DANIHER’S DRIVE’ is the brainchild of legendary AFL player and coach, Neale Daniher.

What is Business Interruption?

28 July 2016 | walter
Would your business survive if it was damaged by a severe weather event, fire, flood or the cessation of a key supplier? How would you cover the cost of revenue and profits lost while you rebuild?